Never too late: A Re-Introduction

New site!!!!

Babyyyyyy!!! ☺️😚😚
Hello amigos
Welcome to
Gosh, it feels surreal saying that.
Lola’s mail on never too late came at a perfect time.
My name is Nneoma, and you are welcome to
I’m excited for this new phase of blogging for me. Forget the picture in my about me, my face is on  default settings most of the year πŸ˜‚
I’m 18, and when I’m not chasing a degree in Economics at the University of Nigeria, you will find me reading, gisting, talking and writing right here, or on my social media handles.
I’m a growing Christain, a budding writer, learning feminist ( is that a thing 😏?), and altogether socially awkward.
On, I’ll be speaking on issues I am passionate about, books, faith, lifestyle and of course personal gist cause you guys are my gees.
I’m really happy you’re reading this post and that you are here.
You can check out some of my old posts below, or check here.
The suscribe button will be up soon, so please do suscribe, and share with your friends and loved ones 😚😚 πŸ’›.
Also, you can follow me on my social media handles and hopefully as this family grows you can feel free to talk about anything by shooting me a mail.
I’m excited for the journey ahead πŸ’›πŸ’›


  1. Max

    Well, thank you for your on screen candor. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts (though I’d prefer you speak them to me). Anywho see you in a bit…

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