This Culture Of Shaming

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A lot of us are made up of online bants and Twitter threads TBH.
We scream and salute legit hustles and hardwork on social media streets, but offline you hear what someone is doing to make ends meet and you go “So na wetin him dey do?” You sneer and go “really?”
A lot of people go online, scream legit hustle, bash the hell out of yahoo boys and sex workers ( not endorsing any of them by the way) but still look down on legit hustles as long as it’s not paying 150k and above.
I was talking with someone the other day and she said “it’s security guard that her father is doing ooo”
I was like “ehn ehn isn’t that what he’s using to take care of his family? Should she now walk in rags because of that?”
Because I dress well and my background doesn’t tick as well to do for society, does that mean I should wear rags?
We need to stop this clownery seriously and stop shaming the legitimate work that people involve themselves in. Am I saying we shouldn’t aspire to acquire and require? No, but we should learn to stop shaming people because of the legitimate businesses/jobs they do that doesn’t seem “acceptable enough”.

For everyone doing menial legitimate jobs, please trod on and press on. E go better.
And this attitude of motivational speaker on social media and world’s biggest pessimist in real life needs to stop. And please don’t tell me that you online and you in real life are two different people, I might just think you have a mental illness.
We will scream legit hustles online and also mean it offline because to Jesus be our glory dears.
Meanwhile, I was reflecting and I realized I haven’t written any creative/ fictious story this year, so I started a self imposed writing challenge on IG yesterday for the next 1 week.

Day 1 is up, and you can read it here
And you can follow my challenge by connecting with me on IG here.

Have you ever had a conversation that was based on hustle shaming?
What do you think of the statement “My tweets/social media posts are not me”?
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  1. Lois

    My dear, this topic shakes lots of tables o. I’ve had conversations, and heard serious conversations on this matter. Most times I talk myself to calm down. God dey
    We need to realize that people’s *hustle* is different, no need criticizing another person’s source of income when that person after everything has the discipline not to resort to crime and all of that.

  2. Erin

    I was just talking to someone about this. Its funny how online characters have evolved and how people font certain attitude for the social media. But off it there are nothing but radical pessimists.
    People need to get this drilled in their head.

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