Logic With God? Haq haq!

I will follow you like a child

I will follow you till the end

Oba awon oba 🎢🎢

God needs us to really be children in every sense of the word when it comes to our dealings with him.

For example, if you tell a child I’ll get you icecream, the child won’t ask you how you’ll get the money or how you know where to get icecream. The child will just excitedly follow you trusting that you’ll get the icecream.

Thing is a lot of us bring logic and rules upon our relationship with God. Always ready to shoot why’s.

God needs that childlike attitude from us in our relationship with him. When Jesus told Peter to come meet him on water in Matthew 14, having a childlike means you’ll step out, reach for Jesus and walk towards him. Why?

It’s simply because a child is trusting, a child believes someone in a place of authority over him/her. A child isn’t going to think I can’t find the road or the other steps, the child will just take that first step and most of the time that’s what is required of us so we can just watch God work, but the need to know and do and he sufficient won’t let us take that first step.

We want to see the entire blueprint/map but God is saying trust me, believe me, take my hand, take that first step. It’s human nature to want things done a certain way or follow a logical pattern, but with God, you gatz drop that logic πŸ˜‚.

Be a child with him so when he says take that first step, you’re not asking about the 500 other steps, you just do step 1 with absolute trust.

Abba might ask us to do somethings that aren’t necessarily logical and doesn’t make too much sense if you too think am, but he’s knows it all.

Follow like a child, keep your logic for your classes.

How are you doing?

What do you think about applying logic in our relationship with God?

Happy December πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„


  1. Lois

    Struggles of a Christian. If only we learn to obey first, and not think of the next other steps. God says I know the thought I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end… Trust the process, knowing that anything God asks, we already know how it will end. God help us all o. It’s not easy, but las las..

  2. Little Red Riding hood πŸ˜‰

    A Lady I respect once told me she turns off her brain whenever it comes to all her dealings with God. And I wonder how cuz I have tried it and somehow my brain tends to just pop up with logical suggestions but turns out it takes a very conscious and deliberate effort to act like that childπŸ˜‡ … Thank you for this love😊

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