Like play like play, 2020 is upon us.
I remember being in JSS 1 thereabout, and I would watch TV and they would talk about vision 2020. I didn’t know what that vision was, I still don’t know , but 2020 seemed so far away then. Fast forward to my final year in Uni, 2020 is the year I leave a somewhat “organized” system. It’s the year that’s marking the start of another  decade, a decade that will contribute heavily to who Nneoma Edeh is, the whole lot of us actually. It’s the decade we “grow up”. Get married, try our hands at things that might prosper or fail, have kids, chase purpose/clarity. A decade of a good part of our lives.
2020 seems like a breath of fresh air seeing as 2019 wasn’t it for me. It has to be a breathe of fresh air sha .
I feel so heavy as I write this. I have a very good feeling about the coming year, but at the same time I’m so scared. Scared shitless!
The what if’s I’m thinking of are scary, some are also good. What if I have no special skills or talents? What if I know nothing after school? What if I don’t get the job/jobs I so desire? What if anything?
I know I need to be positive and optimistic, but sometimes the gloom rears it’s head. I’m scared and feeling a tad bit overwhelmed, but I know that above anything, God has in his palms. Always will, and I know his plans for me are of good and not evil, so it will be alright.
I feel overwhelmed but I know he has me, and you. Always ❤️.


  1. Edeh Chibuzo

    Me ba, I’m scared of 2020 ending the same way as 2019… Sobbing about all the goals I didn’t achieve.

    That’s why come 2020, I just have to learn a skill!!! 🙃 (At least that would one thing to hold on to)

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  2. Max

    Well, I’m not really scared of 2020. I just feel a sense of purpose and the need to achieve more than I did in 2019. 2019 has been a year of growth for me and I want to grow more in 2020. So, it’s more of a purposeful stride into the new year, with a list of what I need to do and an image of who I will be.

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      1. I_dot

        As with every instance —especially with the occasion of venturing into sth as new as a new year with daring opportunities — the doubts/cares/concerns that linger across my mind are multitudinous. But I have a plan: to never let them perch!

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