The Excuse Train

Hi guys, and no I won’t start yapping about how lazy or busy I’ve been. I’ve been giving excuses for myself and that isn’t who I want to be this year after this realization last year.
I want to be a better person, and a better writer and a better friend. I have 2 friends who are dragging my ass on accountability this year, and that is what is pushing me to write this. He said to me “Nneoma, you’ve been underperforming, and honestly you could do so much more.” It hurt a bit, but it was so necessary, and I’m glad that I’m doing this. I’ve been challenged to write twice weekly on my blog till the end of April. Do I have ideas stored up somewhere? Absolutely not. Will I do this? Yes I will even if it means coming here to ask how you are and disappear.
I have nothing inspiring to share😂. I saw my results from 3rd year, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so disappointed.

I tried so hard in 3rd year, really hard, and to see my results being piss poor? I didn’t know what to think of it. I felt bad, but then I went for a friend’s birthday, ate cake, laughed with some of my girlfriends and tried to drag myself out of that pit. In essence, dejection will come. Allow yourself feel it, and then drag your ass out of that place.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re underperforming too?

How’s this for another introductory post?
How you dey?

Simple reminder: Be safe out there, wash your hands people. Corona is real 💀💛.


  1. Lois

    God marmah I love you, And I love anything you write, even if it’s to come and read your “how are you blog post “. Darling He who readeth nnewrites readeth a good thing. Don’t stop and let’s not yap anymore about how we’re lazy and all, aNd just start being in lazy.


    Well said,Marmah!

    But We’ll see how well you mean after the month of April; after the challenge you say you’re on is over…(grins)

    BTW,I suggest a book review for the next blog post.

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