Or Maybe not…..

Day sxiuxxcniwqaHnvdgik of this compulsory COVID break:
In Cardi’s voice, “shit is getting real馃槀馃拃”.. people, shit is really getting real. Stay in your house, wash your hand, stay safe.
I’ve seen so many posts about using this time to take that course, write that book, learn that skill that you’ve been yapping about,but I say REST.
It’s like you literally cannot catch a breath on this ride called life, there’s just always something to do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong if you want to do any of these things, but if you’re not feeling up to it, nwanne m n’ime Chineke, rest, even if it’s for a week before you start again. Rejuvenate, do something you sincerely like to do.
I was speaking with a friend sometime ago, and she told me that she had no hobby. She’s always had something to do, or something that needs to be done.
If you’re like her, you have time to get a hobby now. Get one, or you can just let boredom finish you the way it’s finishing me even though I have books to read 馃槀馃槀馃槱.
If you’re still going back to UNI after this break is over, don’t forget that you’re still a student and that we’re going to resume to exams eventuarry. Read your books from time to time or maybe not, Netflix and chill if you can, learn a skill or maybe not, but most of all, you can cut yourself some slack and listen to Chik茅’s album if you haven’t鈽猴笍.
Love & sanitizers 馃挍馃拃
How’s this break going for you?
Will you be learning or chilling?
What are your thoughts on the lockdown we’re about to experience?


  1. Olamide

    I must say this corona shit is getting me really scared, I’ve not been online lately and just yesterday I subscribed and saw some updates, Gawd !.
    Well the break has really been very productive I must say..at least I have my sanity back ’cause I was really loosing it given UNN workload.
    Thanks to God I’ve been able to complete some tasks this past few days.

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