“How is today even Friday?” is the one question that I’ve been asking myself all day. It was just Sunday yesterday and here we are 馃拃.
So, there’s something that has been sitting in my drafts for a while now, and today we’re going to talk about it. It’s basically about how you really can’t throw a “moya look away face” to some things in this life.
Someone once said, your life is too long/big to have been placed here solely for yourself.
Even an ordinary pencil has a reason for being, not to talk more of you, a whole walking and breathing package.
Our journies are intertwined, no matter how much we try to play “dey your lane”. We’re all attached ultimately. So, whatsoever you’ve been led to do, or want/need to do, always know that someone some place is affected by your actions. I’m not saying fake your actions or try to deep this thing too much; it could be as simple as continue to fry your akara and sell馃槀馃槀. It could be the most mundane thing, but just keep being, and keep doing my dears. We’re here for each other.
How are you doing?
Remember to rest, take care of yourself and not panic, okay?馃挍
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