Happy Birthday (in arrears) Nneoma

Brethren the Lord is good! All the time!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I tried so hard to put up a post on the blog, but my post link just kept reading page error. I was so frustrated I just went to sleep. I woke up and kept at it, but it was still the same result. I just said to myself, toh, I’ll contact my web designer, and he’ll fix whatever the problem is. I don’t have to make that call, because while having lunch today, the holy Spirit just told me “Nne, check your post title. Compare it with previous ones, that’s where the issue is coming from.”

Umunne m n’ime Chineke, I checked it and that was it. My problem was fixed just like that. It got me thinking, how many things we could have avoided or wasted our time on if only we had spoken to Abba first. If you didn’t know it before, know that God is interested in every single thing that has to do with you no matter how minute it might seem to even you. Your feelings, your issues, everything. So, how about you speak to him today? Well, I’m still making my post sha 😂👇🏾, but read it in the screenshots below


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