The word “NO”

Hey guys. How are you? How’s this lockdown treating you? Like Moe would say, how are you keeping?
I’m okay. I just got assigned a project supervisor, so guess who finally feels like she’s in final year?👏🏾😂😂
So, yesterday was Friday, which meant #SGIT day. If you don’t know, that’s Skinny Girl in Transit. I love that show with all my heart. I got hooked in 2nd year and that was it.
If you follow the show, or you’re on Twitter, you probably know what’s up with Shalewa, or you saw her trending ( yes, the show is that serious! 💀😩😂❤️)
I feel terrible that she is an abusive relationship. Really bad. I’m hoping with all my heart that she says no to an abusive situation like that, and see that she is worth more. And, that brings us to today’s post. The word “NO”. The answer, statement, and word that a lot of us have come to dread.
We find it difficult to say no to people and situations that are detrimental to us, because we all wanna be nice people, so we put on our clown outfit and chirp “yes”🤡🤡 to things that simply need a no. No, I’m not just dragging you, I’m dragging my wig too. I’m guilty too because there’s a tension between one of my friends and I now because I hadn’t just come out of it and said no from the very beginning. Are you in a similar situation right now?🤦🏾‍♀️ Guys, no is not necessarily a bad word. And most days, it’s the life saver that you didn’t know you needed. Use it and save yourself today some unnecessary tension and situation today. You’re allowed to say no to people and situations that don’t agree with your values, your voice, your mental health, the issues on your plate, or your beliefs. It’s not a bad thing and it isn’t selfishness to see something and someone that doesn’t align with you or your path and say no to it.
I want you to use that word more often, as I also should ☺️. Make a commitment with me; I (your name) make a commitment to resist the urge to shalaye and say yes in situations that need no. So help me God, Amen.
Please my loves, join me in prayers that Shalewa will say no to the situation and person that this Ghana boy is.
SGIT fam, gather in the comment section, we need a support group 😭😩❤️.

And it’s like DV is all I’ve been seeing around recently as I just recently re-ead a book on it: It ends with us by Colleen Hoover. Would you like a review?

P.S My brother made the featured image today ☺️☺️❤️


  1. Endee

    I only watched like three episodes cause my cousin forced me to. Honestly, I will I enjoyed it. I also believe it’s show Timi Egbuson is in.

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