There’s no hack!

How do I get better at this?
How do I write more?
How do I create more?
How do I get my akara to look this way?💀
Guys, there’s no special hack for anything! The only hack is to continously do!
Everyone started from the bottom till whatsoever level they are at that you’re aiming to be at now.
No matter how much you read or watch videos on that craft you want to get better at, you have to act it out to get better at it.
Sometimes I go back to my notes, or my former blog and re-read articles or stories I wrote some years back and I cringe at the errors in my work, but I also laugh 😂 because I can truly say I’ve grown, and gotten better, and will continue to get better because I don’t intend to stop writing.
I didn’t get better at writing just by wishing I was, or just reading articles on how to become a better writer. I had to actually write to become better at it.
So, stop wishing your akara would come at a certain way, and just make akara 😂😩.
You can become a better writer if you’d just continue to write. Don’t give up, don’t just wish, start from the bottom 🤗.

And if you don’t put in the work and actually “do”, everything you read on how to be better will just be okoto meow skrr yarns my g. Like Nike says, just do it ✅


  1. Agozie

    I remember when I started baking. The cakes came out not so good, my icing was very ugly. I wanted to give up at a point, but I kept watching YouTube videos and being open to correction. Today I have improved greatly.

    Truly spoken as written 😘

    1. Post

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