It may get uncomfortable

Jonathan McReynolds “move that over” is blasting into my ears as I write this.
A lot of times we pray to Abba to take out somethings from our lives, but we’re never really prepared for how heavy that prayer is.
When you’re asking Abba to remove a character flaw/ bad habit out of the way, he will, but be prepared; it will get uncomfortable ezzzpeciallllyy for your flesh.
When you tell Abba, deal with lust in my life, he will. But you see those songs you love, those scenes and movies you go back to rewatch, everything that helps lust grow, you will have to let go of it. (Nneoma catch your sub 💀🌚. Mine was so bad, I had a playlist. Thank you Jesus)
“Abba deal with stinginess in my life”
Be ready because some days you will have to give and share when it isn’t convenient for you, or when it seems like it isn’t enough.
The thing is, it will get uncomfortable but it will make you better for yourself and others. God’s searchlight is probing and it will expose flaws & habits that have no business being in the new man that you and I are in Christ, so it has to go.
So like my mama Joyce Meyer said, “don’t be afraid of God’s searchlight- that’s how he exposes our faults so we can work together to remove them. It is an uncomfortable process, but the discomfort is temporary. Not facing the truth can leave us with permanent discomfort.”
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  1. Lois

    This reminds me of a Bible plan I undertook on prayer called Dangerous Prayers. When you pray a prayer like God remove…. BE READY AND WILLING TO WORK WITH HIM TO DO SO, AND ACCEPT THE RESULT. On God.
    💛&💡 too Nne

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