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I laugh anytime I hear people say fat is just a word, and not an insult. I laugh in orobo. This post is prompted by something I read  few weeks ago on weight and being fat in Nigeria.
Now, fat is not necessarily a bad word, but it also is. Why? Because of what the word has come to connote and mean. As a fat girl, speak with anyone in the plus size community, and you will discover that 80% of the time the word fat was directed at me or them, it was usually a snide comment.
“You’re so fat. Ahn ahn. Won’t you lose weight?”
The problem with the word fat is that it is used to hurt someone’s feelings about being fat. No one ever really says fat in a manner of admiration or niceness. That’s why a good number of people are horrified at the thought of being referred to as fat or getting fatter. Let’s face it, being fat is considered an ‘aru’ in Nigeria.
Did you grow up bearing “orobo” as a middle name?
Have people ever accosted you on the road offering drugs that can help your “situation”?
“You’re too fat. You’re too big” ever been the first thing out of people’s mouth when you meet them.
In primary school, when you argued with your classmates, was their default retort “fatty orobo”
No? I thought so.
I’m grateful for everyone in the plus size community changing the narratives. Fat as y’all argue is supposed to be just a description, but many people use it with an intent to hurt hereby nullifying that argument. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
– a fat girl.


  1. Its_heleena

    Body shaming is a very dangerous thing! Nigerians have to stop doing. If you are fat they call you “Orobo” if you are slim they call you “lepa”. I grew up being called “lepazious” by friends and family members. With growth and years past, I added weight which I don’t personally feel its too much. Infact I love how I look but yet they claim “you are getting too fat oo, reduce”

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  2. Daphney

    We all know that people are never satisfied with who you are,what you do even what you say….for me growing up I was so slim and i didnt care what they had to say then becoming fat all of a sudden because of a certain reason people started body shaming,then I realized people will definitely talk but they are not you so I kept telling my self “Nobody can be you,you cant be nobody ,you can only improve on urself……just be YOU”

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  3. Olamide

    As a little girl I was fat. My fellow kids will always call me “orobo”, “Fatty bumbum”. I tell you truth, it really lowered my self esteem even as a teenager. I wouldn’t want to involve my self in any form of social activity, just so I won’t be body-shamed.
    I grew to accept that this my body, I won’t hate it because someone somewhere doesn’t find it ” attractive “. So now when someone calls me “fat”, am like “yes you are not blind, I am”
    There’s a saying ” if you can’t change the way people see you, then you can change the way you react to it”. Do not let anyone give you a yardstick to measure your own beauty.

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      1. Erin

        Growing up with people predicting my martial status if I didn’t eat less and lose that accumulating body fat. Uttered with such vile expression these words were enough to tear my heart out. Fat shaming is an Horrid act.
        #Letmybody live

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  4. Lois

    Body shaming 🙅🏽‍♀️. People will always talk, even if you’re not fat. I’ve been alika (my non-existing but existing middle name), I’m still alika♥️. You do you girl. Love and light

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