Woman, go.

“You promised! You said that you were blinded with your love for me and that you’d do anything! Even when I was skeptical at first you’d promised you’d always be there” she said between tears and hiccups.
The one she’d left all for was going to leave her hanging. All the promises meant nothing, all the rules she’d broken, the whispers and gossip that followed like a persistent fly, all the sacrifices, absolutely nothing.
“No, you can’t abandon me” she wailed and held on to him like a child.
“Woman! Put yourself together! If someone were to come knocking wondering what was going on, what would you say? You’ve always known I was married, and that it’d come to this” he says pushing her away.
“These words are strangers to your lips because you’ve never” The words don’t make it out as the room vibrates from the pounding on the door. The look her beloved throws her way is filled with anger and disgust.
“Who is it?” he yells over the pounding, but the person on the other side doesn’t hear.
He moves to open the door, and immediately he does, he is assaulted with as many eyes and heads that can peer into the room.
“Grab her. She has defiled our land with her hips full of seduction and lips smeared with sin.” It doesn’t help that she is not properly adorned and that her beloved clothes are rumpled from her hands clutching them. She understands what it must look like, and she already know what the conclusion will be. Adultery. The hands that grab her don’t make a move to lift her or let her walk by herself. They are content with dragging her out. As they drag her along and spit on her, she allows herself one last glance at the man who had traded his lies for her heart.
She barely flinches as the spittle lands on her skin.
“I hope you’re ashamed of yourself” the woman says to her. She has nothing to say to her. Even if she did, her mouth was partaking in the heaviness that her heart felt. Her body was decorated in sand and cuts from being dragged across roads that were never made for the skin of humans. She lifts her eyes with a lot of effort and stares at the mob who had chosen the stones that would send her to her judgment. She swallows hard and fights the tears threatening to overwhelm her as she lay baking in the sun with her wounds. Her mind is too troubled for her to pay attention to the conversations going on around her. She just lies still in wait for the first stone that will kiss her body.
“Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?”
She opens her eyes to the man who had asked her such a question. His eyes held warmth like she had never seen. She sits up and looks around, but the crowd and their stones are nowhere to be found. She is stunned in disbelief at how the place has emptied out. She speaks to the man in a voice she can’t believe is hers.
“No one.” She answers.
“Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more” the saviour says to her.

JOHN 8:1-12


  1. Agozie

    Oh my sweet Jesus. Nneoma this is beautiful. My heart melted.

    Keep exploring this Francine Rivers please 😘

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