She woke up this morning with the same question she had had over the years
“Is this the morning this ailment stops?”
She doesn’t even look to see because because the warmth of her blood was between her thighs, and she could smell it.
12 years. What did she do to deserve this?
Why didn’t Yeshua answer her prayers?
Were her sins so many that he couldn’t even be bothered by her cries?
What exactly was it?
On some days, she thought she had gotten used to her new reality, but on days like this, there came a heaviness she couldn’t shake or ignore.
It had become so heavy that her linens were never enough now. She would have to go to the square today and that meant stares, but did she have any choice?
The parched earth looked like tree patterns. She would notice these kind of things because the only pose her head was familiar with in public was looking downwards. Look up, and the eyes would judge you. Some with pity, and some with disgust. But today, everyone was in a frenzy. Everything seemed to be made up of voices and cheering. Everyone was in a fit to stand closer to someone in the centre of the crowd.
“Please what is going on?” She asks anyone who will bother to give her a reply.
“It’s the man who goes around performing miracles. Some say it’s sorcery, and others say it’s Yeshua who has given him such powers. He claims to be Yeshua’s very own son! They say his name is Jesus.”
Miracles. Was she not due for some sort of miracle she thought? But the people surrounding him were not leaving anytime soon? Would he even listen to her?
What if she could just touch him? Or anything on him?
Would his garment be powerful enough to heal her?
As she stood in the harsh sun, she contemplated her choices. She could just go home and continue with her life as knew it, and she also had nothing to lose by trying to get closer to this man.
Her thoughts and legs propelled her forward and she joined the crowd. From her place in the throng, she could make out the brown of the man’s hair. Her heart leaped in her because she thought to herself
“Is today the day the heavens bless me with healing?”
A good number of people still surrounded the man, but today she was determined to fight her way through.
“Where do you think you’re going? Do you realize how much stink?
This statement should have had her running for the hills, but not today. Today she would stand and fight.
She ignored the man and continued to fight through the crowd until she got to the man. Doubt tried to cloud her heart, but she shook it off. This running would be for nothing. She had nothing to lose.
She reached out her hand and touched the man’s clothe like many others surrounding him. Having lived with this sickness for years, she knew immediately that it had ceased without having to check.
The man turned and asked “who touched me?”
How could he know. There were a lot of people close to him, so how could he ask. Her heart started to pound because if this man were to throw her to the crowd she wouldn’t know what to do. The men around him tried to reason with him about how impossible it was for no one to touch him in this crowd but he said “I perceive that virtue has left me.”
She fell on her feet and pleaded, “I had reasons for doing so, forgive me.”
And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you whole. Go in peace.”

Luke 8:43-48


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  1. Lois

    There’s no love button here😭
    I’m in love with this, and Jesus has made me whole too. Thank you baby, for this piece. I am once again reassured

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