The Special Anti-Robbery Squad has become a terror to the young Nigerian. Men dressed in poorly printed T-Shirts with SARS written haphazardly on them, oozing of alcohol and wielding guns that they do not hesitate to use, arresting any young Nigerian they come across. SARS has always been an itch on the society’s back, but in 2020, it has become a blistering wound eating into our flesh, destroying what is left of it.

The #EndSARS protest has been brewing for the past 4 years, but this year, it has become more than a hashtag, it is now a movement. A movement that every Nigerian ought to identify with. A movement that we all must lend our voices too. For too long, SARS has extorted and wasted the lives of young Nigerians who have done nothing but exist and make a life for themselves.

SARS has become the devil that we can see and touch. They are on the same mission with devil; to steal, kill and destroy.
All SARS has done is terrorize young Nigerians. I can’t count how many times when in school that I have had my friends and other students arrested by SARS for doing nothing but exist.
This is not the time to keep quiet or relent from protesting and calling for the end of this evil that lives amongst us.
They mustn’t kill someone you know.
It must not be you, it must not be your friend.
Please lend your voice today. Use the platform you have!
If you can’t make it to the streets, retweet and share the posts concerning #EndSARS very aggressively. Donate to offer relief to protesters, lend your voice in any way you can. We will not be silent πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ
#EndSARS #endsarsbrutality

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