The sun shone brightly high up from it’s home in the heavens. The pot she held by her side was dry just like the ground they walked on. The rains would come in but not as soon as she would like.
Her sister drawled on and on about matters she’d rather not think of. She was content to enjoy the view of the wheat farms before they drifted further into town.
“Tamar, have you heard anything I said?” Her sister accused her.
“Forgive me Chana, my mind wanders”
“You should guard that mind of yours. I was saying that father will soon give me out in marriage.”
Tamar battled her inner conflict of being happy for her sister and the realization that Chana wouldn’t always be here.
“How do you know of this?”
“Master Bahurim came to speak to father some moons ago when you went to Galilee with mother. He wants to give me to his son as a wife.”
“Oh Chana, I will miss you greatly. Has Father told you this yet?”
“No he hasn’t, but I know he will. It’s a good family tie” her sister said, their footsteps falling into tandem.
They had walked into town and only then did she notice that it had been unusually quiet on their way to the square, and now everyone was gathered at the square leaving their homes and stalls empty.
She and her sister shuffled their way into the crowd and that was when she saw him. This was the first time she had ever seen their city’s possessed man at rest and without broken chains hanging off of him. He was clothes and he seemed sound.
Her sister’s face mirrored the surprise in her face. How had the legion left him?
Where? When did this happen? Was he really healed? By whom?
As these questions coursed through her mind, she noticed the one at whose feet he sat.
She couldn’t get closer to him with the throng, but she felt the peace he carried and radiated from where he sat. When his eyes met hers, she was certain that he had seen into her soul. His eyes were fierce and gentle at the same time. He looked at her in a way that made her want to sit at his feet and learn about him. As quickly as their eyes had met, she looked away.
One of the priests finally spoke to the possessed man. If he had a name, she didn’t know it for she had always know him as the legion.
“So, are you saying to us all that this man at whose feet you sit cast out the legion of demons who troubled you?”
“It is the absolute truth. Some of you saw it happen. You were all there and you saw it. Even if you don’t believe me, he healed me and that is all that I hold true.”
Tongues wagged again. She could sense the fear in people’s heart as they conversed and murmured. What kind of man was this?
Turning abruptly to her sister, she said to her
“I believe him. That man is not just a man and I believe him and I think that with the power he has, he could do so much for us. Heal us, teach us.”
“Have you lost your mind Tamar? Do you know the sort of power he must possess? He may hurt us. If he stays here, we will all live in fear of his power.”
“Chana, what are you saying?”
The crowd had begun to agitate and the faint voices became louder by the second.
“This man must leave”
“We don’t want him in Gadarenes”
“He will unleash his power and hurt us! We must protect ourselves!”
She stared at the faces around her and she could almost touch the fear that resided in their hearts. You could hear in their voices though loud and vibrant. The atmosphere was charged with fear. Couldn’t they have patience to hear this powerful man out? What if he was the one who would finally save them?
The multitude had already decided in their hearts and she couldn’t stop their wishes no matter she wanted to.
“The town has decided. You will have to leave Gadarenes. We are peaceful people and we do not want any problems will you or the power you possess. Gadarenes, do I speak your mind?”
The shouts of yes rendered the air. She could not explain why but her eyes stung from the tears filing her eyes.
Did no one else share this premonition?
“Come Tamar, we must leave now. Father will not approve of us in this place.”
With a heavy heart, she yielded to her sister’s words and left the crowd to their chanting and made for the well.
One miracle Jesus performed in his years on Earth was healing the mad man of Gadarenes who was possessed by a legion of demons. The bible helps understand that after Jesus cast out the demons, the people who saw the miracle went into town and told others what they had seen, and out of fear, they asked Jesus to leave.
When I was studying this, it just struck me that there’s a lesson from the people of Gadarenes that we don’t really pay attention, and that lesson is what fear can do to someone.
If allowed, fear is an emotion that can cripple someone and keep one stagnant.
Fear stopped them from hearing the gospel because they were afraid of the kind of power Jesus wielded and fear drove them to chase him out. 
I wonder, how long did it take for them to hear the gospel again?
How many people bid some miracles bye bye because fear made them reject Jesus?
The biggest lesson I learnt is to not let fear drive my decisions. The funny part is the fact that fear sometimes disappears once you’ve taken that first step. I am confident that if the people of Gadarenes had just listened to Jesus for a little bit, they would have told fear “to hell with you brah”.
Don’t let fear drive you today, and God already told us that he hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind.
Walk in that reality (note to self)
Even when fear comes lurking, do it afraid. Take that chance today.
Don’t give fear the power.

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