What’s a pot to do

Whatever day it is

I finally got pulled out of the cupboard today. It’s hard to tell what day it is when you live in a dark cold cupboard, not that I’m familiar with the days. There’s no school for pots. I’m particularly thankful for other pots and the roaches in the cupboard if not I fit don craze. My owner is laughing as she rinses me under the tap. This is the first time since we arrived that I’m out in the kitchen. Everything shiny and unused just like me.

Another day
I’m out in the open more now, but she’s not the one using me. She sits on the counter and her laughter fills the kitchen while his hands are on me stirring the sauce he boasts is his signature meal. I love the warmth, and the fact that ever since he started coming, other pots make appearances too. The roaches are out in the nights now to come dancing with us because we have things to offer. It’s fun to to stay on the counter, and double the fun when she comes in and turn the lights on and we have to stop our little parties.

Eleventy eleven day
My owner screamed today, but not at me. She stood at the kitchen door and howled and cried, the ugly kind. I wish I could topple over and say sorry then remind her that I have food in me, and that egusi isn’t the nicest in any way. But I can’t, so I sit there and beg egusi even though I know it’s futile.

Eleventy eleven day
I don’t know what clean air smells like anymore. My owner walks in to get water from the fridge, and in that moment I wished so much for a mouth. I want to shake her and tell her it isn’t my fault. Look at me, I stink! I want to tell her I’m dying, but pots don’t die do they? The roaches and ants won’t listen to me another day (snitches!). I’m disgusted with my self.

Eleventy eleven day
As I started to accept my fate, she comes in again and she seems to remember me or the smell is unbearable. Her eyes are empty, the laughter long gone. She throws me into the sink like I had a hand in this.  She’s broken my hand, sneering at me like it wasn’t all her. She pours me but doesn’t wash me.
Help me, I stink.

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