Sometimes I feel like I’m tap dancing with God.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m tap dancing with God. Like we’re in a garden and he’s seeking me, and there I am hiding, lifting my head out sometimes to come say hello again. My heart is restless. These devoted relationships that I envy, I want to have one with you Jesus.

I desire to have a desire for intimacy with Jesus that drives every day of my life on Earth. I don’t want religiosity with God. I know that there is so much more to Jesus that the holy spirit wants me to see and experience, us.

What are these distractions that keep me away? Can I be sincere enough to point them out and deal with it by God’s grace? What are the worries that weigh me down? What is occupying fertile space in my heart Jesus? Purge my heart. Purge my thoughts. I cannot do life alone Jesus. Give me desire holy spirit. Give me desire.

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